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Abdul Manazir, Research Scholar
Title: Multi-Output Hybrid Genetic Programming Model for Efficient Prediction of Time Series Data
Previous Qualification: MCA, UGC-NET
Email: abdulmanazir [AT] gmail.com

Almas Jabin , Research Scholar
Title: Statistical analysis of RNA-seq data: An investigation for RNA signatures responsible for disease
Previous Qualification: M.Tech (Bioinformatics), GATE
Email: almas.j.1991 [AT] gmail.com

Nisar Iqbal Wani, Research Scholar
Title: Connecting Transcriptional Regulatory Networks with miRNA Regulatory Modules: An Integrative Analysis of Gene Regulatory Networks
Previous Qualification: MCA, UGC-NET
Email: wani [DOT] nisar [AT] gmail.com

Sanjay, Research Scholar
Title: Targeting novel Cancer Testis antigens as anti-cancer Drug and immunotherapy targets through an in silico approach against various Cancer cell lines
Previous Qualification: M.Sc. (Bioinformatics), CSIR-NET
Email: sanjay159064 [AT] st.jmi.ac.in

Tarun Kumar Gupta, Research Scholar
Title: Optimization of ANN Architecture using Nature-Inspired Techniques
Previous Qualification: M.Tech (Computational Biology), UGC-JRF
Email: tarungupta54 [AT] gmail.com