List of Publications
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List of Pre-Prints
  1. N. Wani & K. Raza, "Raw sequence to target gene prediction: An integrated inference pipeline for ChIP-seq and RNA-seq datasets", bioRxiv 220152 (Under Review)

  2. M. Faiza, K. Tanveer, S. Fatihi, Y. Wang & K. Raza, "Comprehensive overview and assessment of miRNA target prediction tools in human and drosophila melanogaster", arXiv preprint arXiv:1711.01632 (Under Review)

  3. A. Manazir & K. Raza, "Recent Developments in Cartesian Genetic Programming and its variants" (Under Review)

  4. K. Raza, "Improving the prediction accuracy of heart disease with ensemble learning and majority voting rule" (Under Review)

  5. K. Raza, "GRNIP: A Java Package for Inferring Gene Regulatory Networks from Gene Expression Profiles" (Under Review)

  6. S. Kumar, S. Ahmad, M.I. Siddiqi & K. Raza, "Mathematical Model For Plant-Insect Interaction With Dynamic Response To PAD4-BIK1 Interaction And Effect Of BIK1 Inhibition" (Under Revision)